Will Interest Rates Now Rise?

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UK economy can handle a rise in interest rates   Kristin Forbes news story-482×271 Delaying a rise in the official UK interest rate is no longer necessary, despite concerns from the Bank of England (BoE) about the nation’s economic recovery. Kristin Forbes, an MIT professor and external member of the BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), […]

A Review of the New Pension Rules

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In the past two years there have been more changes to the pensions industry than any other field of personal finance. The world of pensions and savings is now dramatically different from that which existed five years ago with new pension schemes and ‘pension freedoms’ existing today. As soon as you start your working life, […]

Pension Woes for Tata Steel Workers

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Tata Steel tries to Shed Pensions for Port Talbot Steel Workers Tata Steel has offered to pay hundreds of millions” of pounds to its 130,000 member-strong pension scheme in the UK to facilitate a merger of its European steel business with German steel giant ThyssenKrupp according to a recent media report. “We are in meaningful […]