Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

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No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t need life insurance.  Like the old saying goes “you can’t take it with you”.  Once you’re dead, money stops being a concern.  Of course, your having life cover could make a world of difference to your loved ones.  In the short term, it could help prevent their […]

Life Insurance Made Simple

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“Expect the unexpected” may be an old cliché but the unexpected can and does happen. Hoping that it happens to someone else is a very poor strategy in terms of family protection. To put the matter quite simply, if you have people who depend on you in any way, you should be checking to see […]

How to match your life cover to your mortgage

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Anyone who’s watched Strictly Come Dancing will have had the opportunity to appreciate the importance of keeping all aspects of the performance in synch with each other.  If it matters in a 90-second dance routine then it matters even more when looking at protecting your financial future.  Whether you’re looking at savings, investing, insurance or any other […]