who wears the trousers

Who Wears the Trousers?

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Who wears the trousers when it comes to making financial decisions? Surprisingly, a new survey by The Share Centre has found that UK women are in control of domestic finances – with well over half of female investors saying they take the lead in investment decisions too. But they found that although 60% of women […]

record remortgaging levels

Record Remortgaging Levels

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People across the UK arranged more than £4.4 billion worth of remortgage lending last month, the highest figure recorded in the month of February since 2009.  The value of gross remortgage lending is more than a quarter (26%) higher than February 2015’s figure of £3.5bn. What’s behind this trend? There was actually a small drop […]

Maximise Your ISAs

Maximise Your ISAs

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Maximise Your ISAs – With a Simple Review Your annual ISA allowance is increasing to a whopping £20,000 in the next tax year. With this in mind here we wanted to put together a jargon-free and super easy to understand guide to help you review your ISAs properly and take advantage of one of the […]

boss to pay pension

Get Your Boss To Pay Your Pension

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For years industry experts have been holding their metaphorical public pension banners, decrying the fact that the End will soon be nigh for the government pension pot, and foretelling of potentially Armageddon like doom. Of course private pensions have always been available, but without forcing employees into such schemes uptake levels were either low, or […]

student loans

Helping Your Children with a Financial Leg Up

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Having children is expensive, and even when your offspring are starting to make their way in the world, the expenses don’t stop. A generation ago, going off to university meant the financial demands were starting to ease. These days, with every year of further education adding another £10,000 or so to student debt things are […]