Should I Fix My Mortgage Now?

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Deflation is not all it is cracked up to be. Recently, as we cheered at the fall in fuel prices to historic lows, the fact that several industries were dependent on buoyant oil prices barely occurred to many of us. However, the current plight of the oil city Aberdeen shows that there are significant problems attached to […]

Becoming a Property Investor with Buy to Let

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Talk of “the housing market” often focuses on buying property and in particular the challenges facing first time buyers.  There are, however, a number of people for whom renting is an appropriate lifestyle choice.  The most obvious example of this is younger people, who are still forming relationships and establishing themselves professionally.  Renters, of course, need landlords, which […]

How to repay your mortgage early

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Given that a mortgage is usually a long-term commitment, sometimes a significant one, paying it off can be a major financial (and personal) milestone.  For some people it may even be worth considering taking steps to repay a mortgage early.   The practicalities of overpaying a mortgage   There are essentially two parts to a […]

How A Long-Term Fix Could Help You Out Of A Short-Term Fix

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Applying for a mortgage under the new affordability criteria is arguably the financial equivalent of a visit to a doctor with an embarrassing complaint.  You’ll almost certainly find yourself being instructed to disclose details of your lifestyle that you may prefer to keep private.  Even though you can trust the confidentiality of the people concerned, […]