The Help To Buy ISA Explained

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Getting on the property ladder in 2015 is harder for many people in Britain than it has ever been. An indication of how hard is the latest roll out of the government’s ‘Help to Buy’ policies, the Help to Buy ISA, which offers attractive cash incentives to people saving for a deposit. This blog is […]

Life Insurance Made Simple

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“Expect the unexpected” may be an old cliché but the unexpected can and does happen. Hoping that it happens to someone else is a very poor strategy in terms of family protection. To put the matter quite simply, if you have people who depend on you in any way, you should be checking to see […]

Mortgage Options for Pensioners

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The concept of making mortgage payments after retirement age may be a new reality for some people.  When looking at this situation, be aware that you can always get advice from a professional financial adviser to help you find the solution that’s right for you. Decide Whether You Are Ready to Downsize There was a reason […]

How to repay your mortgage early

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Given that a mortgage is usually a long-term commitment, sometimes a significant one, paying it off can be a major financial (and personal) milestone.  For some people it may even be worth considering taking steps to repay a mortgage early.   The practicalities of overpaying a mortgage   There are essentially two parts to a […]