A Review of the New Pension Rules

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In the past two years there have been more changes to the pensions industry than any other field of personal finance. The world of pensions and savings is now dramatically different from that which existed five years ago with new pension schemes and ‘pension freedoms’ existing today. As soon as you start your working life, […]

business in retirement

Building A Business In Retirement

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Retirement, or rather the attitude of people who reach retirement age has changed. It seems that an entrepreneurial mindset is not only for young whippersnappers. From cakes and dressmaking to classic car restoration, many who might traditionally opt for an easier, slower pace are becoming later-life entrepreneurs. Thanks to recent reforms to pension rules, retirees can […]

boss to pay pension

Get Your Boss To Pay Your Pension

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For years industry experts have been holding their metaphorical public pension banners, decrying the fact that the End will soon be nigh for the government pension pot, and foretelling of potentially Armageddon like doom. Of course private pensions have always been available, but without forcing employees into such schemes uptake levels were either low, or […]