How The Rich Get Richer

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What have the philosopher Pierre Bourdieu and the finance advice guru Robert Kiyosaki got in common? They both know how and why some people accumulate wealth and others remain poor and struggle financially all their lives. The key is the values parents teach their children, though both men have expressed this in different ways. Bourdieu, […]

Getting the Most from the Pension Reforms

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The private pensions market has undergone a period of rapid and intensive change in the past year. In the next two years state pensions will also be transformed and inevitably there will be those who benefit from the changes and those who don’t. This blog is written to give you the best chance of benefiting […]

Saving for Summer Holiday?

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Pretty soon we will be bombarded with adverts for holidays, cruises, resorts and hotels within days of the Christmas season ending, as tour operators are anxious to cash in on Britain’s mid-winter blues.   January in Britain is pretty bleak and many people instinctively turn their thoughts towards the summer, sunshine, and long white beaches. […]

How to Save Money this Christmas

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Christmas comes but once a year and for all the fun it brings it can be a significant drain on the family finance.  With that in mind, it’s worth looking at opportunities to see where savings can be made.  While it may still be too early to put up the decorations, some of the best Christmas bargains […]