whats next interest rates

What’s Next For Interest Rates

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The Bank of England surprised markets last week by holding firm at current record low of 0.5% base rate, despite the Governor, Marl Carney, signaling a cut. So where next for interest rates? Although the interest rates stayed the same in July, its statement policy is for “loosening” monetary policy if the economy does not […]

who wears the trousers

Who Wears the Trousers?

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Who wears the trousers when it comes to making financial decisions? Surprisingly, a new survey by The Share Centre has found that UK women are in control of domestic finances – with well over half of female investors saying they take the lead in investment decisions too. But they found that although 60% of women […]

Maximise Your ISAs

Maximise Your ISAs

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Maximise Your ISAs – With a Simple Review Your annual ISA allowance is increasing to a whopping £20,000 in the next tax year. With this in mind here we wanted to put together a jargon-free and super easy to understand guide to help you review your ISAs properly and take advantage of one of the […]

student loans

Helping Your Children with a Financial Leg Up

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Having children is expensive, and even when your offspring are starting to make their way in the world, the expenses don’t stop. A generation ago, going off to university meant the financial demands were starting to ease. These days, with every year of further education adding another £10,000 or so to student debt things are […]